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We create campaigns to educate and build awareness for a variety of dangerous driving behaviours such as distracted driving, driving while impaired or speeding. These campaigns are conceptualized with unique messages and themes which pertain to each road safety issue. The main objectives are to save lives, reduce the number and severity of collisions on our roads, and shape the future for a new traffic safety culture in Manitoba.

Take a look at some of our recent education and awareness campaigns:

Plan a safe ride home

Even if it’s one or two, you know what to do. Plan a safe ride home.

Outsmart distraction

One of the biggest threats to the Manitoba driver is distracted driving. Focus on the road.

Slow down and drive for winter

No one is around to change speed limit signs when snow falls and roads get icy. Adjust your driving to winter conditions.

Drive baked, get burnt

Did you know drivers found guilty of drug-impaired driving face the same penalties as those convicted of alcohol-impaired driving? Driving high is a crime.

Conquer icy roads

From certified winter tires to trusty snow brushes, you need the right gear before you venture on any winter quest. Learn more about what you need to conquer winter.

My lane

Zipper merging means using both lanes until reaching a defined merge point. It’s a more efficient and safe way to keep traffic flowing. Share the road. Merge mindfully.

Look, so you can see

Drivers need to give their full attention to the road. One of the most dangerous (and most preventable) behaviours is using a hand-held electronic device while behind the wheel. When you’re behind the wheel, driving should be your only focus. Look, so you can see any oncoming dangers.

Keep your keys safe

Don’t make it easy for a thief to steal your vehicle. Protect your keys! Check out our Keep your Keys Safe campaign.

We all pay

Fraudulent claims add approximately $50 to your premium every year. Learn more by watching the We All Pay campaign videos.

Please watch for motorcycles

Drivers, take a second look when changing lanes or turning. There might be a motorcycle hidden behind other vehicles. A second look only takes a few seconds and it can save a life.