Plan a safe ride home

Even if it’s one or two, you know what to do. Plan a safe ride home. Never drink and drive.

Plan ahead to get home safely from the rink, friend’s house, restaurant, holiday party, or wherever drinks may be served. You can be under the legal blood alcohol concentration limit and still considered impaired. The risks and consequences of driving impaired just aren’t worth it.

Even third-party liability coverage can be denied in situations of impaired driving. See more information.

If you are drinking, even if it’s just one or two, plan a safe ride.

  1. Call Operation Red Nose to get you and your vehicle home safe. Spread some holiday cheer, as all ride donations go a local community charity. Service is available in 10 communities. In Winnipeg, call 204-947-6673.
  2. Pre-arrange a designated driver.
  3. Pack your wallet so you can cover the cost of a cab.
  4. Download and use a ridesharing app.
  5. Familiarize yourself with public transportation to grab a bus.
  6. Plan an overnight stay.

Whatever you do, never drink and drive.

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