Insurance Overview

Manitoba Public Insurance offers you a variety of automobile insurance options, including Basic Autopac, Optional Autopac and Special Risk Extension coverages.

Basic Autopac is mandatory in Manitoba. When you purchase our Basic Autopac coverage, you're purchasing protection in the event of a personal injury, all perils collision or third party liability claim.

You can choose to enhance this basic coverage with optional Autopac coverages. Some options include increasing your third party liability limits, reducing your deductibles, or purchasing Excess Value Coverage (for high end vehicles), to name a few.

Our Special Risk Extension (SRE) products provide coverage for specialized risks—things like large commercial trucking fleets and garage risks.

The information in this section will help you decide what coverage is right for you, and how to go about purchasing it. You'll also learn how to buy or sell a vehicle, and what's involved if you're moving to or from Manitoba. Payment and financing options are also outlined.

See the 2019 Guide to Autopac.