Third party liability insurance

If your car is in an accident, you can be legally responsible for damage or injuries others claim against you—even if you weren’t driving it at the time. Basic third party liability insures you against claims others make against you up to $200,000.

As a vehicle owner, you’re covered when driving your own vehicle or when someone else drives your vehicle with your permission. When driving someone else’s vehicle, you’re covered as long as you’re driving with the owner’s permission. In all cases, the driver must have a valid driver’s licence too.

Basic third party liability covers you if the vehicle you’re driving:

  • Damages another vehicle or other property in Manitoba
  • Injures a person, or damages another vehicle or other property outside Manitoba but within Canada and the U.S.
    (Motorcycle liability coverage provides protection against passenger injury claims outside Manitoba.)

The $200,000 limit is the minimum required by law in Manitoba and most other provinces. For more protection, you may want to increase your coverage – especially if you travel outside Manitoba, even if only for one-day or weekend trips. You can buy optional coverage through Manitoba Public Insurance to increase your third party liability protection to $1 million, $2 million, $5 million, $7 million or $10 million.

Off-road vehicles

An off-road vehicle, or ORV, is any wheeled or tracked motorized vehicle designed or adapted to travel cross-country on land, water, ice, snow, marsh, swamp land or other natural terrain. Snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies and dirt bikes are some examples of ORVs. Examples of vehicles not considered to be ORVs are a golf cart, a garden or lawn tractor, infrastructure equipment and agriculture equipment.

With a few exceptions, ORVs must be registered. Your ORV registration includes $500,000 third party liability and underinsured motorist coverage. No other coverage is included. Because most ORVs are only used seasonally, the rules applying to your basic coverage and registration differ from the rules applying to your car. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Beyond $500,000 third party liability and underinsured motorist coverage, you do not receive any additional coverage for damage or injuries with your ORV registration and license plates.
  • You pay your premium when the riding season starts.
  • Your basic coverage and registration lasts all year.
  • You always pay for the whole riding season — no refunds if you cancel part way through the riding season or reductions if you buy your coverage part way through the riding season.