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Road safety is a big part of our mission at MPI.

We are committed to increasing public concern about risky driving behaviours and to providing more opportunities for Manitobans to enhance their driving skills.

Our goals

  • Making road safety a priority for Manitobans as well as for decision-makers who have a mandate to enhance public safety.
  • Reducing public tolerance for injuries and fatalities related to road transportation and promoting an environment where crashes will become (and remain) a significant public health concern.
  • Ensuring that Manitobans become more safety conscious, and the organizations tasked with improving road safety will incorporate the principles of safety conscious planning into their programs, projects, initiatives and campaigns.

To achieve our goals, we focus on the following major issues:

  • distracted driving
  • speed and intersection safety
  • impaired driving
  • vulnerable road users
  • occupant safety

Our strategy

  • Develop and manage awareness and education initiatives about the causes of accidents and how to prevent them.
  • Support community-based initiatives that promote road safety awareness and education.
  • Work with stakeholders and partners, including enforcement agencies, to support their programs.
  • Conduct and enhance research and analysis to better understand road safety issues and come up with solutions best suited to Manitoba.

Road safety behaviours

In 2017, there 12,659 victims (or casualties) of traffic collisions. Of these, 73 people were killed and 442 were seriously injured. Many of these deaths and serious injuries were related to preventable actions.

The behaviours most responsible for traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Manitoba are:

In addition to addressing these and other unsafe driving behaviours, we recognize the importance of protecting our most vulnerable road users – bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists – to reduce their likelihood of traffic injuries, as well as to improve the future of active transportation for a healthier Manitoba.

All Manitobans have a role to play in reducing injury and death on our roads. Remember, the next victim could be someone you know.

Road safety partners

We work with a diverse group of partners across the province who share our vision for road safety.

MPI is a key partner in The Road to Zero: Manitoba Road Safety Plan 2017-2020. The vision of The Road to Zero is for Manitoba to have the safest roads in Canada and we are committed to one day achieving zero traffic fatalities on our roadways. In May 2019, a report was provided on our collective progress.

We support Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025 and its vision of having the safest roads in the world.

Book a road safety community presentation

To book a road safety presentation for your community group, school or business, visit our Road Safety Community Presentations page for more information. (Currently, only virtual presentations are available due to COVID-19.)