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Manitoba Public Insurance is the one-stop source of insurance, registration and licensing in Manitoba. If you are new to Manitoba, you should follow the steps listed below if you wish to register and insure vehicles in Manitoba.

1. Get a claim history letter from your previous insurer. This letter may help you receive a premium discount based on your driving record.

2. Get your Manitoba driver's licence before buying your Autopac insurance or you can't qualify for a premium discount. You must get a Manitoba driver’s licence within three months of moving to Manitoba. Of course, if your driver’s licence from the place you left is about to expire, you must get a Manitoba licence right away. You need a valid driver’s licence to drive in Manitoba.

Young drivers who have moved to Manitoba need to know a few special rules. You can apply for a Class 5 Learner driver's licence if you're 15.5 years old and you're enrolled in our Driver Z high school driver education course. If you're not enrolled in this course, you'll have to wait until you're 16. Remember that with a Class 5 Learner Stage licence you can only drive with someone who has held a Class 5 Full Stage driver’s licence for at least three years.

3. If your vehicle doesn’t have a valid Certificate of Inspection (COI) proving it’s safe, get your vehicle inspected at an authorized inspection station. To register your vehicle here, it must have been awarded a “Passed” grade on the COI. It’s illegal to drive your vehicle here if it has failed the inspection.

4. If your vehicle has a valid COI from your former home, you may be able to use it to register your vehicle here. Contact us to find out if your COI is valid in Manitoba.

5. Buy your Autopac insurance. You have up to three months to transfer your current registration and insurance to Manitoba if:

  • it's privately owned
  • it's a passenger car or truck not used commercially

Otherwise, you must register here immediately. Also, if your registration and insurance from your former home expires or is cancelled within three months of moving to this province, you must register here immediately.

Please note: Eligible commercial vehicles registered in other western provinces may be operated in Manitoba with registration reciprocity for up to 90 days per calendar year.