Commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Coverage options are provided through our Special Risk Extension (SRE) program.

SRE designs your total insurance plan with a team approach involving underwriting, fleet safety, claims, and brokers. We offer competitive pricing and a full line of customized coverage options tailored to fit your needs.

Primary coverage

If your vehicle isn't eligible for all-perils coverage under Basic Autopac, you can choose to purchase this coverage from SRE. Examples of these vehicle types include:

  • large trucks (including truck tractors and tankers) with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 16,330 kg
  • common carrier buses

Vehicles not eligible for third-party liability and all-perils coverage under Basic Autopac can purchase SRE coverage too. These vehicle types include:

  • commercial trucks with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 11,794 kg that operate beyond a 161 km radius outside the borders of Manitoba
  • semi-trailers
  • fire department vehicles

Your commercial insurance needs can vary. Your insurance agent will make certain that you have the right coverage in place, tailored to your specific needs.

Transportation packages

We offer a full range of products to suit your needs, including a variety of deductible, coverage, and liability limit options. Purchasing these coverages also entitles your company, at no additional cost, to the full benefits of our comprehensive fleet safety program.

Third-party liability

Coverage protects you from:

  • Property damage claims others make against you for damaging their property.
  • Public liability claims non-residents of Manitoba make against you for bodily injury. This includes such things as pain and suffering, loss of income and loss of future earnings.

Cargo liability

Cargo liability for truckers protects you, the carrier, in the event of damaged or stolen freight. This coverage is available for owned or non-owned cargo.

General liability

General liability for truckers provides commercial general and property liability coverage for the transportation operations of the Insured, completing your commercial vehicle package. Coverage selection is also available so you can custom design your insurance plan.

We also handle your Canadian and U.S. filing as needed. We file the required papers with jurisdictional authorities on your behalf.

Please seek the professional advice of your insurance agent when purchasing your transportation package.

Camper/hitchhiker policy

For a camper or hitchhiker (recreational vehicle) unit, consider this coverage if:

  • Your camper unit is especially designed for living purposes and is mounted or attached to a light commercial type automobile.
  • Your hitchhiker is designed to be mounted on the trunk of a private passenger automobile.

However, if you use your camper or hitchhiker as a seasonal cottage or guest house, coverage should be added under your homeowner policy.

Coverage provided by this policy includes:

  • All-perils protection for physical damage to the camper/hitchhiker.
  • Third-party liability coverage when the unit is detached from the vehicle. When the camper/hitchhiker is attached to a motor vehicle that has third-party liability coverage, the motor vehicle’s coverage automatically extends to the unit.

Other extensions

Some vehicle classes insured under Basic Autopac can purchase reduced all-perils deductibles, increased maximum insured value and/or increased third-party liability coverage through SRE. Examples of these classes include:

  • ambulance and police vehicles
  • hearse, funeral, and wedding vehicles
  • courier and messenger vehicles
  • common carriers operating within 161 km outside the Manitoba border
  • U-drive cars, motor homes, or trucks
  • other trucks

Please contact your insurance agent for professional assistance in choosing your coverage.

Loss of Use

Life can get a lot more complicated without the use of your vehicle. The good news is you can choose additional coverage that minimizes your inconvenience and expense.

SRE offers its commercial customers a customized Loss of Use Policy, covering your replacement transportation costs when you can't use your vehicle because of accidental damage or theft.

Under Basic Autopac, Loss of Use coverage only applies when your vehicle is stolen.

Keep in mind this coverage is available only when your physical-damage coverage has been provided by SRE or Autopac. Coverage is also not available for motor vehicles:

  • used for rental purposes
  • used for emergency purposes
  • used for demonstrating or testing purposes
  • held for sale by an automobile dealer