Adjust your driving speed for winter conditions.

Speed limits are in place to reduce risk and are determined by a number of factors. When speed limits are set, they assume optimal driving conditions and good roads.

However, this is Manitoba. When winter hits, our driving conditions can look a little something like this:

No one is around to adjust speed limit signs as the snow falls and roads get icy. When driving on icy roads and in snowy conditions, going the speed limit is too fast.

Driving over the speed limit or going too fast for conditions is one of the most reported factors associated with fatal crashes on Manitoba roads.

Adjust your driving to winter conditions. Slow down.

Road safety community presentations and education programs are available throughout Manitoba, free of charge.

We offer live, interactive presentations ranging from 30 to 60 minutes on a variety of road safety topics, which are outlined below. Most presentations are offered both in-person or via Microsoft Teams and are available at various times during the week. All presentations are designed to help Manitobans gain the knowledge and awareness they need to protect themselves and others.

To register or inquire about a community presentation, please fill out the Contact Community Relations form. If we are unable to fulfill your presentation request due to scheduling or availability of resources, we will work with you to provide the educational materials your group needs.

See more information below, including any space or technical requirements that must be met to host specific presentations. Don’t see the road safety topic you’re interested in? Contact us to talk to a Community Relations Specialist.

Winter Driving

Manitoba winters can pose a challenging driving environment. Our Winter Driving safety presentation reviews winter driving hazards that we as Manitobans must navigate for up to six months of the year. Available in-person and online.

Target audience: Licensed drivers

Presentation length: 45 minutes

Impaired and Distracted Driving

Nearly 100 Manitobans die on Manitoba roads each year. Distracted and impaired driving cause roughly 60 per cent of these deaths.

This presentation:

  • Informs participants about how alcohol and drugs affect driving abilities and behaviours.
  • Shares statistics that show the most dangerous and preventable driving distraction is using a hand-held electronic device.
  • Reviews the different impaired and distracted driving penalties and how much they can cost a driver.
  • Available in-person and online.

Target audience: Licensed drivers, young drivers

Presentation length: 45 minutes

Car Seats and Seatbelts

The four different stages of car seats are reviewed along with instruction about where to safely place them in the vehicle, how to secure a child in the car seat and how to identify if a child has outgrown their seat. This presentation is perfect for parent and baby groups, daycare staff and anyone who will transport children in their vehicle. Available in-person and online.

Target audience: Parents, grandparents and people who transport children

Presentation length: 30-45 minutes

New to Manitoba and MPI

This presentation is geared to those who may have relocated to Manitoba, and are less familiar with public auto insurance and driving in winter weather conditions. The presentation can be tailored to meet the audience’s needs – we can review the basic requirements for licensing and insurance, as well as various road safety topics, including: pedestrian & cycling safety, car seat and seatbelt use, distracted and impaired driving, and winter driving safety. Groups can chose all or some of these topics, depending on the needs of their participants. Available in-person and online.

Target audience: New drivers, new Manitobans or any licensed driver.

Presentation length: 45-60 minutes


Our cycling safety presentations provide an overview of cycling safety and best practices, the benefits of cycling and the basics of cycling in traffic. Content covered includes the proper size and fit of bike, use of safety equipment such as helmets, hand signals and the importance of communicating with other road users, and safe use of bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure. Available in-person and online.

Target audience: Can be modified for all age groups

Presentation length: 30-45 minutes

Bike It!

This cycling safety course includes cycling theory and on-road lessons to give you a clear overview of cycling safety and best practices. The course is perfect for those who want to build on their cycling safety knowledge and gain confidence on navigating the roads and pathways of our city. Only available in-person.

Target audience: Amateur to experienced cyclists ages 16 and up.

Duration: Four hours.

Workshops are available from early spring into the late fall (April to October), weather permitting. You can organize a session for a group of coworkers – custom dates and times can also be scheduled for groups of six or more.

Upcoming dates: Thursday, August 24, 2023 – Main Street Service Centre: 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

To register, email [email protected] by August 20th.

Cycling Champions

If you are looking to become a leader in cycling safety or are a leader in the cycling community looking to brush up on your cycling knowledge, the Cycling Champions workshop may be for you. This course gives you instruction to become a ‘cycling champion’ and educate others in your community. As a cycling champion you’ll be empowered to deliver your own safety presentations to your peers at school, work or community groups.

On completion of this one-day workshop, all the materials required to deliver a cycling presentation are provided to you at no charge. This includes a ready-made presentation kit that contains a facilitator’s guide with speaking notes and PowerPoint presentations geared towards both children and adults.

Duration: Full-day workshop to prepare you to deliver cycling-safety presentations. Includes four hours in the classroom and four hours gaining hands-on riding experience.

During the session, you will learn:

  • The proper size and fit of bike.
  • Use of safety equipment such as helmets.
  • Skills to recognize and avoid road hazards and dangerous situations.
  • Strategies on how to safely ride in traffic.
  • Safe use of bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure.

Workshops are available from early spring into the late fall (April to October), weather permitting. Workshop times typically run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Custom dates and times can also be scheduled for groups of six or more potential champions. Only available in-person.

Cycle Safely Bike Rodeo

This interactive presentation teaches children about bicycle safety and is great for school classes and other large groups. The rodeo consists of two parts – a 25-minute theory presentation and a 25-minute practical component riding on a course to practice what was learned. Students learn the rules of the road, hand signals, helmet fitting and to how to properly check that a bike is safe to ride. Only available in-person.

Target audience: Ages 6-10.

Duration: 50 minutes total.

What you need to host a bike rodeo:

  • A minimum of 20 students and a maximum of 30 students are required. If more than one class or group of children is participating, one theory presentation will be scheduled for the entire group. The children will then be scheduled for the practical course by grade or in groups of 20 to 30.
  • Theory component: Indoor (preferred) or outdoor space for participants to sit and listen to the presentation.
  • Practical component: An outdoor paved area 90 feet x 90 feet (approximately the size of a basketball court) is preferred. A grass surface is not sufficient as we will need to use sidewalk chalk to direct the participants through the course.
  • We strongly recommend that students bring their own bike and helmet to the Bike Rodeo. In cases where students do not have one or have forgotten them, we can bring a small selection of bikes and helmets with us that students may use for the duration of the bike rodeo. This will be pre-arranged with the organizer.
  • It’s the law in Manitoba that anyone under 18 must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet while cycling. Helmets are mandatory for all children participating in the practical course.
  • A teacher/organizer must be present to supervise the children.

Children and youth

Teach young people about road safety with the following presentations delivered by our Community Relations team.

Pedestrian Safety (for ages 5 to 12)

Help children understand the basics of pedestrian safety with the interactive presentation. This 30-minute session covers topics including sidewalk safety, reminders for walking on the road and how to be more visible. Children are encouraged to participate through review of basic road signage and hazard identifying activities. Available in-person or online.

I Cycle Safely (for ages 3 to 12)

Prepare young children to ride safely. This 30-45-minute presentation is perfect for school classes, daycares and community groups. It is recommended children have bike helmets on hand for the session (bikes are not required). Available in-person or online.

Bike Safe (for tweens and teens)

A great way to teach older kids to learn about the benefits of cycling and the basics of cycling in traffic. This presentation is ideal for middle schools, high schools, and community groups. It is recommended children have bike helmets on hand for the session (bikes are not required). The presentation runs 30 – 45 minutes. Available in-person or online

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