Manitoba Public Insurance locations to become mask-friendly

While provincial health orders are lifting mandatory mask usage as of March 15, Manitoba Public Insurance will become mask-friendly – encouraging its customers to wear a mask when attending a service or claim centre, however, they will no longer be mandatory.

In situations where distancing is not possible (road tests, oral knowledge test appointments and in-office cognitive assessments), MPI encourages customers to wear medical-grade masks, however it is not mandatory. These changes also apply to Driver Z instructors and students for in-car lessons.

“While no longer a health order, we encourage customers to assess their health and personal risk and consider wearing a mask within an MPI facility,” said Satvir Jatana, Chief Customer Officer, MPI.

Recently, MPI announced the suspension of its Third Party Pandemic policy, effective March 1. As a result, individuals will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result for services/appointments where physical distancing or barriers are not possible, which previously included road tests and driver assessments.

The policy previously applied to all third-party individuals, including consultants, volunteers, board members and contractors, including students and instructors in the Driver Z program.

Customers attending any MPI location must continue to adhere to the following requirements, until further notice:

  • While customers will again be permitted to wait for their service/appointment in our Service Centre waiting rooms, they will need to maintain social/physical distancing requirements of 6 feet from staff and other customers.
  • Answer pre-screening questions when receiving services or attending appointments. We also encourage customers to continue to also self-screen prior to attending our locations and if they have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not visit until they have subsided.

MPI’s plexi-glass barriers will also remain in place to provide additional protection for staff and customers.


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