Manitoba Public Insurance Celebrating Golden Anniversary: 50 Years of Serving Manitobans

On this day a half century ago, Manitoba Public Insurance swung open its doors for business. The Corporation’s first claim was opened by the owner of a Volkswagen Beetle, whose tires were stolen off the vehicle.

From this auspicious beginning, Manitoba’s public auto insurer has been best serving the insurance needs of its customers ever since. Last year, 228,956 Autopac claims were reported – an average of 920 per working day. In total, 1,195,156 Autopac policies were in force last year.

“For the past five decades, we have been committed to serving Manitobans and delivering on our mission of exceptional coverage and service, affordable rates and safer roads through public auto insurance,” said Eric Herbelin, President & CEO of MPI.

“Public insurance in Manitoba fundamentally means inclusive coverage. We are committed to continuously evolving our products and services to meet customer expectations and improve your experience. While this is a significant milestone – it’s only the beginning. Our work in the coming years is set to transform the way our customers are able to interact with us.”

The concept of MPI began on October 29, 1969 when then Premier Ed Schreyer struck a committee to investigate the state of automobile insurance in Manitoba. Auto insurance was not compulsory in the province, resulting in many uninsured vehicles on the roads ─ combined with ever-increasing auto insurance premiums by the private insurers.

The three-person committee was chaired by the Hon. Howard Pawley, who was the minister responsible for auto insurance. After both public and business leader consultations, it was determined there was a widespread dissatisfaction with the auto insurance industry in Manitoba. Thus, began the creation of Manitoba’s public auto insurance program.

Today, MPI has a presence across the province with service and claim centres as far north as Thompson, south to Winkler, east to Beausejour and west to Brandon. Over its half century of operations, MPI has developed a positive and engaging environment for its employees, resulting in the corporation being repeatedly recognized as a Top Employer in Manitoba.

One of MPI’s founding principles was to be an active corporate citizen ─ which continues to this day. Whether it’s through partnerships with community organizations throughout Manitoba that help to deliver on the Corporation’s road safety mandate, or through employee volunteerism and strong support of the United Way, MPI and its employees make impactful contributions that help enhance the quality of life in our province.

“MPI takes pride in its community involvement and making a difference,” said Herbelin. “Manitobans may already know that MPI provides funding and resources to important organizations like Operation Red Nose, MADD, and the CAA School Safety Patrol Program, but what they may not always see is our staff lending a helping hand to their friends and neighbours in times of need, or volunteering at a local community centre or food bank. MPI is very much more than an auto insurer – we’re members of our community, proud of our history and looking forward to a strong future.”

Milestones of note

  • Implemented the Dial-A-Claim concept in 1979.
  • In 1988, the Merit Discount Program was introduced to reward good drivers.
  • Introduction of the Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) in 1994,
  • In 2004, MPI took over Driver and Vehicle Licensing responsibilities from the Province of Manitoba.
  • By the mid-2000s, MPI claim centres transitioned to service centres, expanded its customer services to include sale of Autopac and provide driver licensing transactions.
  • In 2009, the Corporation launched the one-piece driver’s licence.
  • In 2020, MPI introduced enhanced coverage levels to all customers, increasing Basic third-party liability to $500,000 from $200,000; modernized the Basic deductible to $750 for all policies.
  • Since 2001, MPI has returned nearly $800 million in rebates to customers.

In addition to insurance and licensing deliverables, MPI is also focused on the emergence of new road safety issues. In the 1970s, one of MPI’s biggest road safety endeavors included getting Manitobans on board with the newly mandated seat belt law. Over the last decade, evolving with societal developments, MPI has launched campaigns to combat texting and driving and cannabis impairment.

“If one thing is certain, MPI will always be there to advocate for saving lives and safer roads,” said Herbelin. “We’re proud of our history, but we look to the future with positivity and promise to continue to best serve Manitobans.”

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