Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD)

The Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD) provides a reasonable assurance that the seller is the rightful owner of the vehicle.

The TOD assists consumers in several ways. The TOD shows:

The TOD helps the purchaser make an informed buying decision and should be viewed prior to purchasing a vehicle. It is not intended to eliminate the need for further action such as researching the vehicle’s accident history, obtaining a mechanical inspection and searching for liens against the vehicle.

Completing the TOD

The TOD is part of the vehicle registration card. The person selling the vehicle must fill in the date and odometer reading and sign in the space provided. The purchaser must also sign. After completion, the seller separates the registration card, keeping the left portion and giving the right portion (TOD) to the purchaser to present when the vehicle is re-registered.

In the case of an unregistered vehicle, an Ownership Document is provided on request. The registration portion of the document is voided and only the vehicle/owner information is printed.


In most cases, a person who purchases a used vehicle privately or from a dealer, when applying for registration, must provide a TOD to the Registrar or Autopac agent as a supporting document. A COI and a bill of sale are also required.

The following applications for registration do not require a TOD:

  • When the vehicle was previously registered to the same owner in this or another jurisdiction.
  • When a new vehicle is purchased from a dealer.
  • When the vehicle was purchased in another jurisdiction. In this situation, an ownership document or title from the jurisdiction in question must accompany the application. View more information on importing a vehicle.
  • When the vehicle was sold by a person who is entitled by law to sell the vehicle without the owner's consent.