Selling a Vehicle Privately

When you are privately selling your vehicle, you and the buyer need to fill out two documents together:

  • The Transfer of Ownership (TOD) document. This document proves to the buyer that you own the vehicle, and will be required when they register the vehicle. The TOD document can be found on the back of the vehicle’s registration.
  • A written bill of sale describing the vehicle's year, make, model, serial number, and the agreed selling price. Write up two bills of sale, one for each of you, and make sure you and the buyer sign both copies. You can write your own Bill of Sale, or you can download our template.

You will also need to either provide the buyer with your valid Certificate of Inspection (COI) or inform them they will need to have the vehicle inspected before they can register and insure it. After the sale is complete, the seller should retain the licence plates and cancel their Autopac coverage on the vehicle.

NOTE: The onus is on the purchaser of a vehicle to produce a valid COI to register and insure the vehicle. But, getting the vehicle inspected before you sell it can be an excellent selling feature.