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Snopass FAQs

What is a Snopass?

If you wish to travel on designated trails in Manitoba maintained by Snoman Inc., by law you must have a valid Snopass and display a Snopass licence plate on your snowmobile.

Snoman licence plateYou can choose from three different Snopasses to meet your needs:

  • For Manitoba residents: Regular Snopass licence plate—valid for five-years, paid annually.
  • For non-Manitoba residents: Annual Snopass sticker—valid for one riding season.
  • For casual riders: Seven-day Snopass—valid for seven days, can be purchased at any time during the riding season.

Please note that Manitoba Snopasses also entitle you to ride on designated trails in Saskatchewan.

Snopasses are for the snowmobile, not the owner, so you must purchase one Snopass for each machine. Manitoba Conservation and the RCMP patrol the trails regularly andthe fine for riding on designated trails without a valid Snopass is over $400.

Out-of-province snowmobilers

If you are not a Manitoba resident you still must purchase a Snopass to ride the trails in Manitoba. You can purchase either an Annual Snopass or a Seven-day Snopass. You must show proof of ownership and a valid registration from another jurisdiction that includes a minimum of $500,000 third-party liability coverage. An Annual Snopass allows you to ride on designated trails until April 30.

Are Snopasses mandatory?

Snopasses are not mandatory. However, if you don't buy a Snopass when you register your snowmobile, you will be asked to sign a form indicating you declined the Snopass and declare that you will not travel on designated Snoman Inc. trails.

How do I purchase a Snopass?

Snopasses can be purchased year-round anywhere Autopac is sold. You can pay for your Snopass, registration and insurance in one transaction with cash or cheque, money order, debit card, Visa or MasterCard.

Payment options:

  • Pay the whole amount up front.
  • Defer payment until the beginning of the riding season (must be purchased before Dec. 1).
  • Pay in pre-authorized payments from your bank account (payments will be withdrawn from your account during the riding season only).
How much does a Snopass cost?
  • Regular Snopass: $150
  • Annual Snopass: $150 (must be paid in full at time of purchase)
  • Seven-day Snopass: $75.50
How long is my Snopass valid?

Regular Snopasses are valid for as long as your snowmobile policy is valid. You pay for it each year at the same time you pay for your insurance and registration on your snowmobile. Annual Snopasses (for non-residents of Manitoba) are valid for one riding season only.

What if my anniversary renewal day falls within the riding season?

If your anniversary date falls within the riding season and you purchase a Snopass before then, that Snopass is only valid up to your anniversary date. For example, if you purchase a Snopass on Dec. 1 and your anniversary date is Jan. 9, that Snopass is only valid up to Jan. 9. If you want to continue to use the trails after that, you will have to renew your Snopass along with your policy that takes effect on Jan. 9.

If I need to purchase two Snopasses within one riding season, will I pay twice?

You have to pay each time you purchase a Snopass. However, if you do need to purchase two Snopasses within the same riding season, you will receive a credit for the unused portion of the original Snopass. The amount of this credit will be automatically calculated for you and will appear on your next annual Statement of Account. This credit can only be used towards the purchase of your next Snopass. If you elect to not purchase your next Snopass, the credit will be removed from your account.

Can you transfer a Snopass from one snowmobile to another?

If you purchase a new snowmobile you can transfer the Snopass from your old snowmobile only if you transfer the licence plate and insurance from your old snowmobile as well.

Can I buy a Snopass if I live outside Manitoba?

If you are a non-Manitoba resident you can purchase an Annual Snopass, which allows you to ride on designated trails until April 30, or a Seven-day Snopass.

Can I buy a Snopass for someone else?

You can purchase Snoman Trail Vouchers at any Autopac agent or Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre. Present the voucher as a gift and it can be used to purchase a Regular Snopass or an Annual Snopass at any Autopac agent or Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre. Refunds are available if the voucher is cancelled prior to the expiry date of March 31. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Seven-day Snopasses.

If I have a Snoman Trail Voucher and the cost for a Snopass increases before the voucher is redeemed, do I have to pay the difference when purchasing a Snopass?

Yes. The Snoman Trail Voucher would be treated as a method of payment. If there is a difference between the amount paid for the voucher and the cost of a Snopass, the difference would have to be paid when the voucher is redeemed.

What’s the purpose of the Snopass?

Your Snopass fee helps to enhance recreational snowmobiling across Manitoba, as it supports the local Snoman member clubs that groom and maintain more than 12,000 kilometres of designated trails across Manitoba.

What happens if I want to cancel my Snopass?

When a Snopass is cancelled (or the snowmobile policy is cancelled), the plate must be surrendered or the transaction cannot be completed.

Is my Snopass fee refundable?

A full refund will only be issued if one of the following criteria is met:

  • The snowmobile policy is cancelled before the first day of the riding season (Dec. 1).
  • Snopass is cancelled (removed from an active policy) before the first day of the riding season.
  • A customer with an anniversary date in the riding season renews their policy in advance, pays in full and cancels before their anniversary date.
What is Snoman Inc.?

Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Inc. is a non-profit organization representing over 50 provincial snowmobiling clubs that maintain and groom some 12,000 kilometres of Manitoba's scenic trails. Provincial clubs are financially supported through the sale of Snopasses.

For more information about the Snopass program, please visit the Snoman website.