Driver Licensing

Schedule of charges

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, money order, debit card, VISA or MasterCard.

All cheques and money orders remitted to an Autopac agent are to be made payable to the agent. Customers should contact their Autopac agent to obtain the correct payee information.

All cheques and money orders remitted to a Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre or mailed to Manitoba Public Insurance are to be made payable to Manitoba Public Insurance.

Dishonoured cheques are subject to an administrative charge. Cheques must be for an amount of at least $6. Should any document be marked "cash, certified cheque or money order only" we will also accept a debit or credit card payment.

The following charges are subject to change:


Driver's Handbook

$5 plus GST

Professional Driver's Manual

$10 plus GST

Motorcycle Handbook

$5 plus GST

Air Brake Manual

$10 plus GST

Manitoba Vehicle Inspection Handbook



Driver’s licence charge


*Base driver premium


Licence replacement charge

Driver's licence


Enhanced Driver's Licence


Reinstatement charge


Photo re-take charge


*Base driver premium may be prorated.


Knowledge test*


Road Test

Class 1


Class 2


Class 3


Class 4


Class 5 or 6


Air brake practical test


*Drivers requested to be retested by the Medical Records Section of Driver and Vehicle Licensing and drivers 65 and over are exempt from knowledge and road test charges.


Driver record search (abstract)


Copy of traffic accident reports

$10 plus GST


Administrative licence review (oral)


Administrative licence review (written)


Medical review hearing


Licence suspension Appeal Board hearing


Appeal Board rates - appealing additional driver premium

Initial appeal


Successful appeal


Unsuccessful appeal

$25 (additional charge)

Licence plates / permits

Personalized licence plates (PLP)

$100 plus GST

PLP replacement

$25 plus GST

Sample licence plates

$10 plus GST

Ham radio operator plates (VE4)

$25 plus GST

Student sticker - out-of-province


Regular licence llates - new


Regular licence plates – replacement


Alternative to the regular plates (bilingual) - new


Alternative to the regular plates (bilingual) - replacement


Semi-trailer plates - lifetime plates with tow-year renewal


Dealer plate registration


Repairer plate registration


Interim registration (seven days)


Replacement registration card


Dealer permit


Salesperson permit


Recycler permit


Vehicle inspections

Light vehicle inspections

Maximum $55 + GST

Periodic mandatory vehicle (CVI) inspections

No set charge (cost determined by inspection station) plus GST

No set charge (cost determined by inspection station) plus GST


Stolen licence

No charge if proof of incident reported to police is provided

Knowledge tests

No charge for individuals 65 and over or if asked to be re-tested by Medical Records

Road test

No charge for individuals 65 and over or if asked to be retested by Medical Records

Name change


Address change