Where you live – determining your rates

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We divide Manitoba into four territories. Your risk of a claim depends, in part, on which territory you live and drive in. Also, accidents may cost more in some parts of Manitoba than others because repairs may be more expensive.

Territory 1:

Winnipeg (including St. Norbert, Headingley, East and West St. Paul)

Territory 2:

All areas south of the 53rd parallel, except for Territory 1 (includes Brandon, Portage la Prairie, and Dauphin)

Territory 3:

All areas north of the 55th parallel (includes Thompson, Lynn Lake, and Churchill)

Territory 4:

The area north of the 53rd parallel and south of the 55th parallel (includes Flin Flon, The Pas and Grand Rapids)


A commuter is a person who lives in Territory 2 and drives into Territory 1 (Winnipeg) to go to or from (or part way to or from) school or work. You must insure as a commuter if you live in Territory 2 and drive into Territory 1 to go to school or work, more than four days a month. For example, a student who lives in Territory 2 but travels into Winnipeg twice a week to attend college must insure as a commuter.

When you move

The law says that your vehicle registration and driver’s licence must show your new address no later than 15 days after you move. If you move from one territory to another and don’t notify us, we may refuse your claim. Ask your Autopac agent to complete an address change for you immediately after you move.

Territory map