Basic deductibles

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Your deductible is the part of your Autopac physical damage claim you are responsible to pay. Your deductible applies to collision, vandalism, hail, theft and most other claims. Your Autopac insurance covers the amount above your deductible.

Deductibles help insurers control claim costs and keep insurance premiums affordable. If we eliminated deductibles, policyholders would pay substantially higher premiums.

When a deductible applies

If another driver insured through Autopac is at fault for damaging your vehicle in a collision, we will reimburse your deductible based on that driver’s fault. So, if the other driver was 100 per cent at fault, you get all of your deductible back. If each driver was 50 per cent at fault, you get half of your deductible back.

Each incident of loss or damage equals one claim, with a deductible for each claim. For example, two separate collisions are two separate claims, with a deductible for each. Or, if you have damage due to hail and damage due to a collision, each is its own claim.

Stolen vehicles

If your vehicle is damaged by a stolen vehicle, we’ll reimburse your deductible when the following conditions are met:

  • We know the identity of the person who stole the vehicle.
  • The person who stole the vehicle doesn’t dispute being responsible.

Your deductible also applies on a claim for hit-and-run damage. But if we know who was responsible, we’ll try to get your deductible back for you.

Deductibles by vehicle type

The basic deductible depends on the type of vehicle you own. The basic deductible for most cars, SUVs, light trucks and motorcycles is $500.

Private passenger vehicles, vehicles for hire, vans, light trucks, motor homes

$ 500

Motorcycles (only collision and upset coverage)

$ 500

Trailers valued at $2,500 or less

$ 150

Trailers with a declared value between $2,501 and $50,000

$ 500

Mopeds (only collision and upset coverage)

$ 150

Truck tractors, tankers (carrying fuel, chemicals), logging trucks, sand and gravel trucks, common carrier trucks or common carrier buses in Manitoba, buses (transit, u-drive)*

* Some of these vehicles don’t have all-perils coverage

$ 800