Please watch for motorcycles

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Drivers, take a second look when changing lanes or turning. There might be a motorcycle hidden behind other vehicles. A second look only takes a few seconds and it can save a life.

Motorcyclists, be seen. Ride at a speed safe for conditions and scan the road for potential dangers.

Safety Tips

  • Wearing proper safety gear can reduce injuries if you are involved in a collision. Wear an approved helmet, eye protection, visible and protective clothing and boots.
  • Ride defensively, especially at dawn and dusk due to reduced visibility.
  • Ride where you can see other traffic and where they can see you. Never ride in other motorists’ blind spots.
  • Occupy your lane in a position that discourages drivers from moving alongside you.
  • Use a four-second following distance when following another vehicle under ideal driving conditions.
  • When passing parked cars on a street with marked lanes, ride in the left track of the passing lane and reduce your speed.
  • If a vehicle is overtaking or passing you, keep in the left tire track.
  • When meeting oncoming traffic, especially large vehicles, be prepared to move to the right of your lane to avoid air turbulence.
  • Always move into position well ahead of an intersection so that other road users know you are not going to turn.
  • If an oncoming driver wants to turn left, slow down and be ready to move to the left or right of your lane, whichever will give you more space.
  • If traffic is entering the intersection from both sides, stay in the left tire track in your lane to even out the space on either side, and be prepared to stop.
  • Never cut between lanes of traffic to pass.
  • Use caution when riding on slippery or uneven surfaces and loose material, and keep an eye out for debris, potholes and cracks.