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To operate a vehicle on the roadway in Manitoba you must have a valid vehicle registration and Autopac insurance. Find information on registration, licence plates, vehicle inspections and buying or selling a vehicle on the Registration page.

Manitoba Public Insurance offers you a variety of automobile insurance options:

  • Autopac – Basic (required): Includes personal injury insurance, all-perils insurance and third-party liability insurance.
  • Autopac - Options: You can choose to enhance your Basic insurance by adding one of our many insurance options. Some of our most popular insurance options allow you to increase your third-party liability limits and reduce your deductibles. You can also purchase insurance for rental vehicles, new or lease vehicles, or Excess Value Coverage for high-end vehicles.
  • Commercial Coverage: Our Special Risk Extension (SRE) products provide insurance for specialized risks – things like large commercial trucking fleets and garage risks.

You can purchase your Autopac insurance through our province-wide network of more than 300 independent Autopac agents.

How insurance protects you

Insurance spreads the cost of claims among many people so no one has to face the cost of a claim alone. For one person, the costs from an accident could cause bankruptcy. Spread among many people, the costs become affordable.

Automobile insurance protects you in three broad categories:

  • Personal injury insurance (protection against personal bodily injury, loss of life or loss of income)
  • All-perils insurance (comprehensive protection against damage to your own vehicle as a result of an insured collision, vehicle upset or causes such as vandalism, theft, hail and fire)
  • Third-party liability insurance (protection against your obligation to pay if you're legally liable for someone else's injuries, death or damage to their property)

Short-term Autopac

Do you need Autopac insurance and vehicle registration for as short as 30 days or as long as 244 days?

If you own a motorhome or classic sports car that you use for only a few months at a time, short-term Autopac insurance and vehicle registration might be a good choice.

  • Your premium is based on the number of days in your policy, times your daily Autopac premium, plus five per cent of that amount.
  • A $15 application fee per policy applies (non-refundable).
  • Payment in full only.
  • No refunds are available for short-term policies issued for 30 days and then cancelled.

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