Finding a driving school

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If you want to take driving lessons before testing for your Class 5 licence, click here to find a list of permitted schools near you.

These schools must employ only instructors who hold valid instructor permits, meaning that they have the necessary training, skills and knowledge to properly train students to be safe drivers. They will also have properly equipped and permitted vehicles which have been inspected by our Permit Unit to meet safety and training standards.

Note that instructors must use the school’s permitted vehicle and cannot use a customer’s personal vehicle. In addition, instructors cannot take you along a route that is used during a driving test.

Your rights as a student

Students have the right to ask the school or instructor to see their valid permits, to ensure that they are getting the best training available. Unpermitted schools or instructors are not acting within the law.

As a student, you have the right to receive a receipt for any services you have paid for.

You may want to clarify with your school or instructor whether you will be responsible for the cost of a red light ticket received during a lesson, and who is responsible for the deductible in the case of a collision during a lesson.


You can launch a complaint via email to MPI’s Permit Unit if:

  • If you believe your instructor has behaved inappropriately in any way.
  • You believe a training vehicle is unsafe.

If complaints are upheld against an instructor or school, they can be sanctioned. See a list of sanctions imposed by MPI.

Additional information

For information on Class 1 driving schools, see our Mandatory Entry-Level Training page.

Learn more about Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL). If you are exempt from GDL, see information on authorized instruction.