Distracted driving

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The province of Manitoba produces a unique crop of drivers.

Manitoba Drivers are resilient! They have learned to adapt to all sorts of driving conditions. Through extreme heat, blizzards, and everything in between, drivers in our province know how to adapt.

One of the biggest threats to the Manitoba Driver is distracted driving.

Text messages! Sandwiches! Entertaining the kids!

When you’re behind the wheel, don’t let distraction happen to you. Being distracted while driving, even just for two seconds, is all it takes to cause a fatal crash.

Outsmart distraction. Focus on the road.

On average, one in three deaths on Manitoba roads involves a distracted driver.

The most dangerous (and preventable) behaviour is using a hand-held electronic device while behind the wheel.

Save a Manitoba Driver from suspensions, fines and collisions.

If you’re a passenger and your driver is talking, texting or scrolling on their phone, tell them to put it down.

In Manitoba, it is illegal to be use a hand-held electronic device while driving. You’ll be saving your Manitoba Driver from a hefty $672 fine and possible suspension – and you’ll also greatly reduce the risk of being in a crash.

More on suspension and fines

Does your Manitoba Driver need more convincing? You can learn more about distracted driving suspensions and penalties here.