What’s in your wallet? All Manitobans urged to go card free.

Manitoba’s online organ and tissue donor registry turned five this year and a wave of www.signupforlife.ca cards is being rolled out across the province through more than 300 independent insurance brokers to encourage Manitobans to declare their intent to be a donor online.

“For many of us, getting our driver’s license was our first introduction to the idea of organ and tissue donation,” said Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living Kelvin Goertzen. “Having signupforlife.ca cards available when Manitobans go to renew their license is a great visual reminder to register or to recycle that paper donor card.”

Last summer 30,000 cards were distributed. They were so warmly welcomed by insurance brokers and drivers, a second wave is on the way.

“The few minutes it takes to register online can make a lifetime of difference for a recipient,” said Ward Keith, vice-president, Business Development, Communications and Chief Administrative Officer, Manitoba Public Insurance. “By having the cards readily available, it’s hoped this will encourage more Manitobans to consider becoming a donor and truly making a difference.”

“The Insurance Brokers’ Association of Manitoba is very proud that our member brokers are involved in the communities where they live and work. From providing Manitobans with the insurance that best fits their needs, to supporting fundraisers in their communities, Insurance Brokers are on your team. Along with MPI and Transplant Manitoba – brokers are happy to assist in informing Manitobans on how to register as an organ and/or tissue donor online,” said Olivia Doerksen, Director of PR & Marketing, IBAM.

When families know their loved one wished to be a donor, 90 per cent of families support that choice. However, on average 49 per cent of Manitoba families choose not to donate largely because they don’t know their loved one’s final wishes. Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life physician Dr. Faisal Siddiqui appreciates the opportunity to share information about how the public can ensure that their loved ones know if organ and tissue donation is important to them through this partnership with MPI and Manitoba Insurance Brokers.

“We thank everyone who has tucked a paper card into their wallets and carried it with them for all these years,” said Dr. Siddiqui. “Now is the time to dig out that card, talk about your decision to be a donor with your family and record that decision securely using https://www.signupforlife.ca/.”

Since its launch in 2012, https://www.signupforlife.ca/ has recorded the donation decisions of more than 21,000 Manitobans. Registration is easy. All Manitobans need is about two minutes online and three pieces of information – their name, birthdate and the nine-digit Personal Health Information Number from their Manitoba health card.

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