Vehicle owner addresses to be removed from registration cards: Manitoba Public Insurance

In the interest of protecting the privacy and security of Manitobans, Manitoba Public Insurance will be implementing a system change to remove the printing of registered owner addresses on non-commercial vehicle registration cards, Crown Services Minister Ron Schuler announced today.

“This is a positive step in enhancing privacy for Manitobans,” said Schuler. “Vehicle registration cards are often left inside the vehicle which makes them susceptible to being taken should the vehicle be broken into. Removal of the registered owner address will ensure the privacy, confidentiality and security of registered vehicle owners is maintained in these cases.”

This change, which is supported by the Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police, will be introduced starting with renewals and new vehicle registrations effective March 1, 2017 and later.

“Police vehicles across the province now have online computer access to driver and vehicle licensing databases to confirm addresses of registered vehicle owners, making it unnecessary to include this information on the physical vehicle registration card issued,” said Ward Keith, vice-president of Business Development & Communications and chief product officer, Manitoba Public Insurance.

“The new cards will be automatically introduced at no cost as policyholders renew or make vehicle or insurance changes that trigger printing of new vehicle registration documents,” said Keith. “Full transition will take up to five years as current vehicle registration cards can be valid for this period of time.”

Customers wishing to obtain a new vehicle registration card immediately without physical address can do so at any Autopac agent for a $15 vehicle registration card replacement fee.

Commercial vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP) will not be affected by this change because the addresses on commercial vehicle registrations are typically those of commercial transport businesses, so the same risk to personal privacy and security does not exist, explained Keith. In addition, because IRP-registered vehicles are primarily operated outside of Manitoba, the address on the registration card is required by law enforcement officers in other jurisdictions who do not have direct access to Manitoba vehicle registration records.

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