Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts this Halloween

Tens of thousands of Manitoba children will dress up in their best Halloween costume and set out in search of treats. Manitoba’s public auto insurer wants to make sure every single one of them gets home safely.

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Halloween trick or treaters and motorists:

  • Don’t run across roads without looking ─ stop, look and listen.
  • Do wear reflective clothing to be seen by vehicles.
  • Do cross at corners and crosswalks ─ not between parked cars.
  • Don’t speed ─ motorists should slow down when they see children out walking.
  • Don’t assume children see your vehicle. They are excited and could run in front of you.

With dusk coming sooner in the fall, motorists are urged to drive with an abundance of caution as the trick-or-treaters are out in full force.

In efforts to keep this a safe and happy Halloween, Manitoba Public Insurance has distributed more than 100,000 safety Halloween bags to schools province-wide. These bags have special, light-reflecting strips, making them clearly visible in the dark.

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