Thousands of crashes due to driving too fast for road conditions ? Manitoba Public Insurance

Thousands of crashes in the province are the direct result of motorists driving too fast on ice/snow-covered roads, according to Manitoba Public Insurance.

Nearly 30,000 collision claims have been opened with Manitoba Public Insurance over the last six weeks. Thousands of these claims are due to vehicles losing control on ice, or unable to stop due to excessive speed due to weather-related conditions.

In order to heighten motorists’ awareness about driving to road conditions, Manitoba Public Insurance recently launched its “Take it Slow” advertising campaign ─ TV, radio, outdoor and web. Road safety tips on this topic can also be found on Manitoba Public Insurance’s website.

“Driving is challenging under the best of road and weather conditions,” said MaryAnn Kempe, vice-president of Corporate & Community Relations, Manitoba Public Insurance.

“Winter weather conditions ─ extreme cold, heavy snow, slush, freezing rain ─ can change dramatically during a very short period of time. Drivers need to adjust just as quickly. By doing so, a collision could be avoided.”

Based on Manitoba Public Insurance collision data, driving too fast for road conditions is clearly a contributing factor in collisions. Speeding accounted for 34 per cent of all people killed in a collision in 2011 and 17 per cent of all serious injuries sustained in collisions in 2011.

“It’s important to note that police agencies have the authority to issue a ticket to motorists who are found to be travelling too fast for road conditions,” said Kempe. “A small adjustment to driving behaviour can avoid a collision.”

Safety Tips

  • Slow down. The posted speed limit is intended for ideal road and weather conditions.
  • Allow more time to stop. Traction is reduced when roads are slippery from rain and it takes more time to come to a complete stop.
  • Leave more space. Leave at least four seconds between you and the vehicle ahead. That following distance should increase when you’re travelling at higher speeds or visibility is poor.
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