Replacing or Applying for a Vehicle Identification Number

When a vehicle or trailer’s vehicle identification number (VIN) has been removed, altered, lost, or destroyed, or when a new vehicle or has been built, the owner can submit an application form along with supporting documents to apply for a Manitoba-assigned VIN.

There are different situations when a new Manitoba-assigned VIN may be required:

Original VIN is damaged, defaced or missing

There are several reasons why this may occur, including vandalism, theft, a windshield or dash repair and/or replacement, and more.

Amalgamated Vehicles

An amalgamated vehicle is a motor vehicle which has been reconstructed using major components (for example, body/cab or frame/chassis) from two or more vehicles.

Reconstructed vehicles that are built entirely from the parts of vehicles that have an irreparable status are prohibited from being issued an assigned VIN. Only vehicles where one or more of the major components is derived from a vehicle that does not have an irreparable status will qualify for the issuance of an assigned VIN.

Glider trucks

A glider kit is a collection of parts used to assemble a heavy commercial truck. Glider kits consist of the following newly-manufactured components:

  • chassis
  • complete cab assembly (windshield, instrument panel, custom-built interior, new hood, fenders and bumpers)
  • steering axle assembly (wheel ends, brakes, wheels and tires)
  • other minor parts such as wiring harnesses, mounting hardware, brackets, fasteners, etc.

A glider kit does not include any of the following drivetrain components:

  • engine
  • transmission
  • drive axle

Homemade Trailers

A VIN is not a requirement for registering a trailer in Manitoba, but some Manitobans who have built their own trailer may wish to have a VIN assigned for identification purposes.

Supporting documents required

The supporting documents required for having a VIN assigned may include:

Depending on the type of vehicle, other supporting documents could be required. Please contact the Vehicle Safety department for questions regarding assigned VINs:

Phone: 204-985-0920

Toll-free: 1-866-323-0542

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