Province unveils bright, new-look licence plate for snowmobilers

Beginning December 1st, a new high visibility orange licence plate will be issued to Manitoba snowmobilers with the purchase or renewal of a Snopass.

“This new plate will effectively replace the existing Snopass sticker that used to be affixed to the snowmobile’s licence plate,” said Gord Mackintosh, Attorney General and minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance.

“This easy to identify plate will make it easier for Conservation officers and other enforcement officials to identify snowmobilers operating on the trail system who have purchased the required Snopass.”

To legally travel on Snoman’s groomed snowmobile trails, snowmobilers require a valid Snopass. Riders operating their snowmobiles on a Snoman trail without one could receive a ticket of nearly $500. Snowmobilers who do not require a Snopass, or choose not to renew their Snopass, will continue to receive the regular, yellow off-road vehicle plate.

The new Snopass plate costs the same as the existing sticker – $150 – and can be purchased at any Autopac outlet throughout the province. This pass is valid for one riding season, and must be renewed yearly. A seven-day Snopass is also available at a cost of $75.50.

“The new Snopass plate was the culmination of collaborative discussions between Snoman Inc., enforcement agencies and our Corporation,” said Ward Keith, vice-president, Business Development & Communications and chief product officer, Manitoba Public Insurance.

“Elimination of the Snopass sticker for full-season users will simplify the process for snowmobilers, while use of the new orange plate will better assist enforcement officers in confirming authorized trail users.”

Based on Manitoba Public Insurance’s staggered renewal system, all Snopass holders will be able to obtain their orange Snopass licence plates before December 1, 2016. Customers will also have the option of transitioning to the new Snopass licence plate sooner if they choose not to wait for their respective insurance reassessment date.

“This is a positive step forward and will help with enforcement on the trail system,” stated Snoman President Alan Butler. “We encourage those who have already received a sticker for this season to visit a MPI location and get the orange plate.”

About Snoman

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Snoman represents 51 snowmobile clubs, which maintain more than 11,000 kilometres of designated snowmobile trails within the province. More information about Snoman can be found on their website:

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