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Manitoba Public Insurance is a Crown corporation that delivers insurance, registration and licensing services to Manitoba drivers. We’re available through claim and service centres in 12 communities across the province, and services are also available at almost 300 Autopac agents across Manitoba.

We’re accountable to you. Through our board of directors, we report to the Minister and Department of Justice and Cabinet. We also report to the Manitoba Legislature via the Standing Committee on Crown Corporations and the Public Utilities Board.

Our history

In 2021, MPI proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary of supporting Manitobans. Watch below to look back on the value we have continually delivered through our products, services and road safety education over the years:

Public insurance was introduced in Manitoba after extensive public hearings that found the existing private system to be expensive, inadequate and confusing. The Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation officially opened for business on Nov. 1, 1971, to provide Basic compulsory, universally-available auto insurance coverage.

At that time, the Manitoba Automobile Insurance Committee Report set out the general framework of a public auto insurance system. This included such features as universally available mandatory insurance protection, lower rates than those charged by private insurance companies for comparable coverage, operating at a financial break-even level over the long term and pursuing traffic safety and loss prevention programs.

In 2004, the government merged the operations of the former Division of Driver and Vehicle Licensing into Manitoba Public Insurance, and the Corporation became responsible for the administration of The Drivers and Vehicles Act (DVA).

This led to a complete integration of driver licensing, vehicle registration, driver insurance and vehicle insurance. Driver licensing and vehicle registration are inextricably linked to insurance, providing one of the major advantages of our public insurance system: significantly reducing the likelihood of uninsured drivers on the roadway by ensuring that all licensed drivers are insured drivers and all registered vehicles are insured vehicles.

Today, Manitoba Public Insurance serves Manitobans at service and claim centres in 12 communities, and provides services through more than 300 Autopac agents across the province.


Exceptional coverage and service, affordable rates and safer roads through public auto insurance.


The trusted auto insurance and driver services provider for every Manitoban.


As a public auto insurer, we hold ourselves accountable to all Manitobans to deliver value by fostering a culture of excellence. We achieve this through our four core values:

Striving for Excellence

We provide exceptional coverage and service. We adapt to meet evolving customer and industry needs, focusing on continuous improvement.

Providing Value to Manitobans

We maintain affordable rates and ensure accessible coverage. As a public auto insurer, fiscal responsibility is at the forefront of everything we do.

Doing What’s Right

We act with integrity and accountability. We strive to be open and transparent.

Investing in People

We empower our employees to provide excellent service. We work together with business, community and road safety partners to fulfil our mission.

The Minister

Hon. Matt Wiebe

Minister of Justice and Attorney General & Minister Responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)

(MLA for Concordia)

More information about Minister Wiebe is available at Manitoba Cabinet Ministers.

The Board of Directors

Manitoba Public Insurance's Board of Directors consists of the following members:

Carmen Nedohin, Chairperson

Christian Dandeneau

JD Devgan

Fran Frederickson

Luke Johnston

Gina McKay

Marilyn McLaren

Diane Roussin

Candy Wong

Satvir Jatana (Ex-Officio)

The Executive

Satvir Jatana
President & Chief Executive Officer

Tamara Boblinski
Interim Vice President & Chief People Officer

John Bowering
Interim Vice President & Chief Transformation Officer

Anthony Guerra
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Roy Hart
Vice President & Chief Information & Technology Officer

Marnie Kacher
Vice President &
Chief Operations Officer

Ryan Kolaski
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Cara Low
Vice President & Chief Actuary