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We’re committed to protecting your privacy by keeping your personal information and your personal health information accurate, confidential and secure. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and The Drivers and Vehicles Act (DVA) set the rules for how we and our Autopac agents may collect, use and share your information, and how it must be safeguarded.

These statutes also set out your rights to:

  • request access to your own information
  • ensure your information is kept private
  • access to records held by public bodies such as MPI (see the Requests for Access section below for more information)

Types of information

Personal information is recorded information about you, including your name, home address, home telephone or fax number, age, gender and any identifying number such as your driver’s licence number. It also includes electronic scans of your signature and photo.

Personal health information is recorded information about your health or health care, or payment for your health care. This includes your Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN).

Why we collect information

For driver licensing and vehicle registration, we collect this information to:

  • administer driver licensing and vehicle registration programs
  • decide if your health prevents you from driving safely
  • determine if you qualify medically for a certain class of driver’s licence
  • monitor the performances of drivers, vehicle inspection stations, dealers, salespersons, recyclers, driving schools and driver trainers

For our insurance programs, including claims handling and underwriting, we collect this information to:

  • establish and maintain communication with our customers
  • underwrite risks properly
  • investigate and pay personal-injury and property-damage claims
  • prevent and detect fraud
  • offer and provide products and services to our customers
  • conduct surveys and research and compile statistics, to help us deliver better products and service to our customers
  • comply with the law
  • conduct business or other activities as permitted or required by law
  • help enforce the law
  • perform any other activity necessary to achieve any of the above

For the Manitoba Identification Card program, we collect information to:

  • verify your identity and to determine your eligibility for a Manitoba Identification Card
  • issue you a Manitoba Identification Card that will be accepted as a credible, reliable proof of identity or age
  • evaluate and monitor the Manitoba Identification Card program and to carry out research and planning with respect to it
  • ensure the integrity of the identification card and driver licensing systems and to prevent abuse of these systems
  • administer and enforce the provisions of The Drivers and Vehicles Act and the regulations under that Act

MPI is permitted to collect your personal information for these purposes under the authority of The Drivers and Vehicles Act section 150.5 (basic identification card) and of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act section 36(1)(a) (information collection authorized under an enactment) and (b) (information relates directly to and is necessary for a program operated by Manitoba Public Insurance).

MPI cannot use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those stated above unless you consent, or unless Manitoba Public Insurance is authorized to do so by The Drivers and Vehicles Act, the regulations under that Act, or The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

If you have questions about the collection and handling of your personal information, please contact the Manitoba Public Insurance Privacy & Access Specialist at 204-985-8770 ext. 7384, or by mail at 900–234 Donald Street, Box 6300, Winnipeg MB, R3C 4A4.


Does anyone else have access to my information?

Only our employees who need your information to provide a driver or vehicle service or to manage one of our programs may access it. Our adjusters are able to access driver’s licence and vehicle registration information required to handle claims. If we’re considering any other uses of your information, we’ll ask you beforehand for your written consent.

In most cases, you must give us written permission before we can disclose your information to another person or organization. However, under Manitoba’s privacy legislation and The Drivers and Vehicles Act, there are some situations in which we can disclose your information without your consent.

With whom and for what reasons can we share your information without your consent?

Without your consent, we can share your information with:

  • law enforcement agencies, government departments and agencies, and municipalities, for enforcing the law or preventing crime
  • Manitoba Justice, for use in a prosecution or for collecting outstanding fines
  • other departments within Manitoba Public Insurance, for administering our driver licensing and vehicle registration programs and our insurance programs
  • federal, provincial and municipal governments and agencies, for collecting monies owed to them
  • various Manitoba government departments and agencies, for determining eligibility for programs and services, and for investigating fraud
  • The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, for supporting its Driver and Vehicle Licensing Alcohol and Drug program
  • Transport Canada, for administering the Canadian Vehicle Survey
  • Elections Canada, for administering and updating the National Register of Electors
  • other licensing jurisdictions, for administering the Interprovincial Record Exchange System
  • traffic authorities, as defined in The Highway Traffic Act, for managing traffic/parking programs
  • service providers that deliver a program or service to, or on behalf of, Manitoba Public Insurance

We occasionally share information with researchers whose research could help promote road safety. In each case, we enter into a formal review process and a written agreement with the researcher to protect your information.

We also share your information with the War Amps. Manitoba has a formal agreement with the War Amps to provide the names and addresses of licensed Manitoba drivers each year. This helps them provide a valuable public service.

To have your name removed from the War Amps list, contact:

Manitoba Public Insurance
Vehicle Registration Information
Box 6300
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4
Phone: 204-985-1999
Facsimile: 204-953-4999

Requests for Access

FIPPA gives you the right to request access to information held by public entities such as Manitoba Public Insurance. FIPPA also provides an independent review process for people who disagree with access and privacy decisions made by public bodies.

To make a Request for Access to Manitoba Public Insurance, please complete and submit the Request for Access application form.

To see a list of the most recent Requests for Access received by Manitoba Public Insurance, visit InfoMB on the Government of Manitoba website.