Organizational Review Concludes at Manitoba Public Insurance

The Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Board of Directors have accepted the final report from Ernst & Young LLP (EY) following an organizational review.
Concluding the organizational review is the latest step taken by MPI’s Board of Directors to stabilize the Corporation following a challenging and tumultuous period of instability that included a 10-week strike.
“When our Board was appointed in October 2023, the government gave us a clear mandate to restore public trust in MPI,” said Carmen Nedohin, MPI Board Chair. “Within two weeks, we resolved the strike and brought 1,700 people back to work. Now, with the organizational review complete, we have taken yet another step in positioning MPI to move forward in a responsible and strategic way.”
The final report from EY provides a review of MPI’s systems, processes and outcomes while advocating for the creation of a corporate strategy to guide the organization, followed by an infrastructure that supports the strategy.
The topics and findings within the report articulate the key areas of focus for MPI’s future state. Here are MPI’s main takeaways from the five overarching recommendations in the report:
1. All Manitobans will benefit from MPI having a clear strategy that is aligned with its overall mission to provide exceptional coverage and service, affordable rates and safer roads through public auto insurance.
2. It is important to ensure the right people and processes are in place to support the corporate strategy.
3. Ensuring data is available will help MPI make informed decisions and provide better insights.
4. Sharpening financial processes, systems and governance will help drive more efficient and accurate processes, which will improve the quality of MPI’s reporting requirements.
5. Elevating workforce planning will help provide MPI with the resources it needs to deliver on both its operational and strategic priorities.
“This report by EY provides MPI with sound guidance and well-informed advice that will help the Corporation evolve sustainably, enhance its services and better respond to the needs of stakeholders,” said Nedohin. “This will position MPI to continue to build on its proud history of providing high quality products and services for customers across Manitoba for over half a century.”
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