MPI Requests No Changes to Rates for 2024/25

Manitoba Public Insurance has filed its General Rate Application with the Public Utilities Board (PUB) today, requesting no change in the overall rates for the 2024/25 insurance year.

This request for no change to the overall rate is good news for Manitobans and aligns with requirements put in place by the Government of Manitoba. In addition to filing for a zero per cent overall rate, MPI is required to file an Accepted Actuarial Practice (AAP) rate indication with the PUB, which is MPI’s own forecasted rate. The 2024/25 AAP overall indicated rate is very close to zero per cent request, meaning that the Corporation continues to provide stabilized rates for Manitobans.

If MPI’s application is approved, Basic overall vehicle rates will remain unchanged, however the premiums that drivers pay will vary according to individual placement on the Driver Safety Rating scale, type of vehicle and use.

“While people across the province continue to manage the impacts of the rising cost of living, MPI is proud to provide Manitobans with affordable products and services that meet their needs,” said Satvir Jatana, MPI’s Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. “If MPI’s rate application is approved, 52 per cent of private passenger class drivers—which make up two thirds of all policies—will see a decrease in 2024/25.

“The near-flat overall rate indication proposed for 2024/25 is possible because MPI is in good financial shape overall, and the reserves put aside to address unexpected or unanticipated claims costs are in line with legislated targets,” said Jatana. “The Corporation is moving forward with a renewed focus on fiscal prudence, reducing operating costs in 2024/25 and holding the staff complement at a consistent level.”

MPI is proposing a number of product enhancements as part of this rate application. This includes continued expansion of the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) system. If approved, MPI will increase the top of the scale by one increment, offering a 48 per cent vehicle premium discount to drivers at DSR Level +18. MPI would also apply greater discounts to all DSR levels greater than DSR Level +8, offering Manitoba’s safest drivers larger vehicle premium discounts.

MPI is also proposing a new blanket insurance policy framework for Manitoba’s rideshare industry that will bring it in line with other Canadian jurisdictions. If approved, the new policy would seamlessly switch between a registered owner policy and the new basic blanket policy depending on the use of the vehicle, giving dispatchers and drivers more flexibility and choice.

This year’s GRA submission also includes updates on Project Nova. The first release of Nova, which moved commercial brokers from a dated, paper-based system onto a new digital platform, launched in February 2023. The second release, which targets commercial customers who participate in the International Registration Plan, will roll out in the coming months. The third and fourth releases will follow in 2024 and 2025 respectively. These latter releases will mark the beginning of visible change for Manitobans, with replacement of front-end systems used by brokers and MPI staff to issue products and services to customers, as well as the introduction of some online services.

MPI is also in the final stages in selection of a Governance and Advisory Services vendor that will help ensure Nova is managed diligently, responsibly and with transparency at all levels.


MPI’s filing is based on its fiscal year-end financials and current interest rates. The Corporation routinely updates the overall rate indication as it refines its forecast closer to the start of the PUB hearing in October. The PUB normally issues its order in December. The proposed rates would be effective April 1, 2024, but because renewal dates are staggered, some vehicle owners won’t pay their new rates until March 31, 2025.

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