Most recent address required to receive a rebate cheque: Manitoba Public Insurance

Manitoba Public Insurance is encouraging customers who have moved recently to update their mailing address with the Corporation to ensure their rebate cheque gets to them – at the correct location.

Rebate cheques will be sent to the mailing address associated with a customer’s account. If a customer needs to change their mailing address, they are encouraged to call their Autopac agent or MPI’s Contact Centre to do so over the phone before May 16.

MPI’s Contact Centre line is 204-985-7000 or 1-800-665-2410.

Rebates will be based on what policyholders paid last year and are expected to be around 11 per cent, or around $140 to $160, per average policyholder, who can expect a rebate cheque at the end of May to early June.

MPI’s President & CEO Ben Graham explained the rebate was made possible by the combination of fewer claims during this COVID period, coupled with strong year-end financial results and MPI’s exceptionally strong reserves which will not be adversely affected by the rebate.

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