Manitoba Public Insurance President and CEO announces retirement

The Minister of Crown Services and Board of Directors of Manitoba Public Insurance announced today that the corporation’s President and CEO, Dan Guimond, has decided to retire as an officer and director of the company. Mr. Guimond’s planned departure date is March 16, 2018, subject to recruitment of his successor and orderly transition of responsibilities.

Mr. Guimond has been with Manitoba Public Insurance for nearly 30 years, the last three as President and CEO.

“In his role as President and CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance, Mr. Guimond was the consummate professional, whose commitment and dedication to the Corporation and its customers was unwavering,” said Ron Schuler, Minister of Crown Services.

“On behalf of all Manitobans I extend thanks to Mr. Guimond for his passion, expertise and stewardship of our public auto insurance program.”

Of particular note during his tenure as President and CEO has been Mr. Guimond’s commitment to working collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve important strategic objectives. This includes strong partnerships with the insurance brokers of Manitoba who deliver Manitoba Public Insurance products and services in nearly 120 communities throughout the province; partnerships with law enforcement and other like-minded stakeholders who share a strong interest in road safety; and collaboration with the Public Utilities Board of Manitoba on the automobile insurance rates to be charged under the Basic compulsory insurance program.

Also under President Guimond’s leadership, a historic level of cooperation with Manitoba’s collision repair industry led to a new agreement for collision repairs that helps the industry to prepare for rapid changes in vehicle design, construction and advanced technologies affecting the reparability of vehicles. The agreement sets the foundation for ensuring that when vehicles are damaged in collisions they will be safely repaired back to original vehicle manufacturer standards; thereby protecting the insurable interests of vehicle owners and ensuring the safety of repaired vehicles is never compromised if involved in subsequent collisions.

Also of note is Mr. Guimond’s oversight of many coverage and service enhancements to Manitoba’s Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) during his time as President and CEO. Under PIPP, Manitobans who are injured in motor vehicle accidents anywhere in North America receive guaranteed access to injury compensation benefits regardless of fault, including coverage for unlimited medical and rehabilitation expenses necessary to maximize recovery and restore quality of life to catastrophically injured Manitobans, to the maximum extent possible.

“Throughout his career, Dan has been driven by a desire to provide Manitobans with superior and innovative insurance products and services while ensuring automobile insurance premiums remain stable, predictable, and among the lowest in all of Canada for comparable coverage and service,” said Brent VanKoughnet, Chair of the Manitoba Public Insurance Board of Directors.

“The Board is grateful for Mr. Guimond’s contributions to the corporation over his distinguished career and during his tenure as President and CEO during the last three years.”

Mr. Guimond joined Manitoba Public Insurance in 1990 and prior to his current position, held the position of Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Strategy and Innovation. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba, as well as an associate customer service designation from the Life Office Management Institute. He is also a fellow of the Life Management Institute and a graduate of the Queen’s University School of Business public executive program.

Over the coming months, the Board of Directors will be overseeing the process to choose a successor for Mr. Guimond and will ensure an effective transition process.

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