Manitoba Public Insurance launches phase two of Project Nova

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is excited to announce the launch of the second phase of Project Nova, marking another significant milestone in its commitment to modernizing and streamlining services for the benefit of customers across the province.

This latest release introduces MPI Registration, a new system designed to manage customer and fleet/vehicle participation in the International Registration Plan (IRP) for commercial customers who travel outside of Canada.

“The launch of MPI Registration is a testament to our commitment to modernizing our technology for the benefit of all Manitobans,” said Satvir Jatana, President and Chief Executive Officer, MPI. “This new system lays the foundation for improved convenience, choice, and security, ensuring our IRP customers receive the best possible service experience.”

Project Nova is the largest and most complex technology transformation in MPI’s history. Over the course of four major releases, it will update the way customers access MPI’s products and services while strengthening the technology that supports Manitoba’s public insurance system.

Enhanced convenience and choice for IRP customers

With the launch of MPI Registration, IRP customers will experience several key benefits, including:

  • Access to specialized IRP services in a more convenient location at MPI’s King Edward location in Winnipeg.
  • The choice of being able to attend any MPI Service Centre in the province to pick up and pay for the majority of IRP documents.
  • The convenience of one easy-to-use document as credentials rather than carrying separate documents.
  • Peace of mind provided by improved information security within our systems.

“We are excited about the improvements this phase brings to our IRP customers,” said Roy Hart, MPI’s Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Officer. “By providing more convenient service locations, simplified documentation, and enhanced security, we are making it easier for our commercial customers to manage their registration needs.”

The launch of the new system is just the beginning; future updates to MPI Registration will further streamline services and introduce self-service options for IRP customers.

A strong foundation

The launch of MPI Registration follows the first release of Project Nova last year, which introduced changes to the Corporation’s Special Risk Extension line of business. As a result of these first two releases, MPI has now launched all the core functionality of the foundational systems needed to deliver the remainder of Project Nova.

In addition to this release, MPI has begun the Discovery phase of its third release of Project Nova. This release will bring significant changes to personal insurance, driver licensing and registration services for customers across Manitoba.

“Project Nova is a comprehensive transformation that spans multiple phases and years. Each phase brings us closer to a fully modernized public insurance system that will benefit all Manitobans,” said Jatana.

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