Manitoba Public Insurance launches contingency measures during postal disruption

Due to the potential disruption in postal services, Manitoba Public Insurance has implemented a contingency plan to ensure customer service is maintained.

Effective June 24, all non-essential outgoing mail will be held by Manitoba Public Insurance until postal service resumes, including basic driver licences and identification cards.

Claim and refund cheques and enhanced driver’s licences and enhanced identification cards (those used for cross-border travel to the United States by land), will be available for pick-up, as well as basic driver’s licences and identification cards on an urgent basis only. If a cheque, driver’s licence or identity card needs to be picked up on an urgent basis, Manitobans will be able to do so at the Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre nearest to their mailing address. Manitobans can visit the Corporation’s website ( to determine by postal code which Service Centre they will be able to pick up their cheques, driver’s licences or identification cards from.

Customers will need to show identification, and if picking up mail for someone else, will require a letter of authorization. Only the named person ─ with proper identification ─ can pick up an enhanced driver’s licence or identification card.

“Serving our customers’ needs with minimal disruption during a possible postal disruption is our first priority,” said Dan Guimond, President/CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance.

During this potential postal disruption, customers are still expected to make all payments and renew their driver’s licences and vehicle insurance policies before expiry. Customers can check their driver’s licences and vehicle registrations to confirm upcoming expiry dates. Any driver’s licence or identification card with an expiry date that occurs during the postal disruption period can be used during this period, provided it has been paid for. Autopac agents will continue to provide licensing and auto insurance services for customers during this time. Payments can also be made online, at a Service Centre or through a financial institution.

Manitobans are also encouraged to contact their broker and/or visit Manitoba Public Insurance’s website ( for more information and updates regarding customer service.

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