Manitoba Public Insurance implements first phase of Project Nova

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is proud to mark the first, foundational step of Project Nova today, delivering on its commitment to bring new and more convenient experiences to Manitobans by putting customers first.

Project Nova is the largest transformation in the Corporation’s history and is needed to ensure MPI’s continued success in providing exceptional coverage and affordable rates to customers. It is set to modernize MPI’s technology while streamlining processes and business areas in the years to come.

This first phase will shift MPI’s Special Risk Extension business line from a paper-based to a system-based solution and allow brokers and MPI staff to deliver faster, more convenient service to trucking and commercial insurance customers.

“This is just the beginning – the first planned phase for Project Nova, which will ultimately improve customer experience and introduce new online service options for Manitobans,” says Eric Herbelin, President and CEO, MPI. “We are committed to delivering Project Nova on time and on budget, and are confident in our approach to achieve our objectives.”

MPI has worked closely with the insurance broker community, including the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba (IBAM), over the past two years to ensure these developments also support the work of brokers throughout the province.

“We are happy to see that some systems and processes will be streamlined for our commercial clients as part of the Nova project,” says Grant Wainikka, Chief Executive Officer, IBAM. “This should enable brokerages to serve commercial customers more efficiently.”

Delivering value to Manitobans through choice and online options

Customer feedback continues to show a growing demand for self-serve and online services, based on research conducted with MPI’s Voice of the Customer ePanel, a group of customers who participate in ongoing research activities to help shape the future of MPI’s products and services.

In 2022, over 50 per cent of customers surveyed selected online as their preferred channel, compared to 40 per cent who preferred in person. This data shows a clear shift from 2020 results, when only 27 per cent of customers chose online as their preferred channel and 60 per cent preferred in-person services.

“We have heard directly from Manitobans that they want more convenience and more choice, and that is what we are striving to do. We want our customers to have MPI products and services when and where they need them, which is what Project Nova is designed to deliver,” said Herbelin.

“A project of this size and scope comes with significant financial investment and cannot be done overnight. But as we make progress over the next few years, we look forward to keeping Manitobans informed about how we are transforming the public insurance industry to keep it sustainable for generations to come.”

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