Licence plate validation stickers being eliminated ─ Manitoba Public Insurance

Licence plate validation stickers will no longer be required by Manitobans, or issued by Autopac agents, effective March 1, 2016.

Gord Mackintosh, minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance, said for vehicle owners, this means greater convenience as they will no longer have to apply validation stickers.

“Perhaps more importantly however, our police agencies are continually upgrading and enhancing their ability to deal with crime,” said Mackintosh. “Our front-line police officers have a challenging job. We can’t thank them enough for their service in keeping our roads safe.”

“Customers who renew their Autopac policies will be issued blank stickers to cover up the existing stickers on their licence plates,” said Ward Keith, vice-president, Business Development & Communications and chief product officer, Manitoba Public Insurance. “For those customers getting new plates, they will not be required to apply the month and year stickers.”

Due to Manitoba Public Insurance’s staggered, five-year renewal system, the sticker transition will be fully completed by March 1, 2021.

“The elimination of stickers was the result of collaborative discussions with police agencies, and will result in reduced costs to the Corporation, which will in turn, benefit rate payers” said Keith. “Our customers will also find it more convenient to not have to apply stickers to their licence plates.”

Police vehicles are now equipped with on-board computers, which allow for real-time validation of a vehicle’s registration status, and now makes the need for licence plate validation stickers unnecessary. To complement these on-board computers, the major police agencies in Manitoba are now using automated licence plate readers. These devices are highly efficient and alert officers immediately if a vehicle’s registration and insurance has lapsed and is invalid.

“The Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police (MACP) Traffic Committee entirely supports MPI’s new stance on licence plate validation.” said Insp Joanne Keeping of the Manitoba RCMP.

“With technology allowing instant validation of licence plates, police officers are better equipped to immediately address offenders driving unregistered vehicles.”

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