Specialty Licence Plate Program

PLEASE NOTE: New applications are not being accepted at this time for the Specialty Licence Plate program. Customers can continue to purchase existing specialty plates – please see Available Specialty Plates.

Manitoba Public Insurance works closely with organizations – local sports teams, educational and community interest groups – interested in obtaining their own licence plate series. Examples of specialty plate series you may already be familiar with are the Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Manitoba Firefighters.

Organizations or groups interested in the specialty plate program must submit an application. Groups should be widely recognized within Manitoba, have a broad base of public support and not be seen as divisive or contentious in nature. All levels of government are excluded from the program.

All specialty licence plates in Manitoba must conform to a standard design in order to meet vehicle registration and law enforcement needs and considerations throughout North America. They do, however, offer an opportunity to promote the unique ‘look and feel’ for your organization.

As with all Manitoba licence plates, the specialty plates cannot contain any profane, sexually suggestive, racial or alcohol/drug-related words, phrases or innuendoes that may be considered offensive or suggestive.

The Specialty Licence Plate Program is designed to operate on a break-even model. Interested groups will be required to submit a business plan identifying and quantifying their target market. It should include some financial forecasting and be based on a minimum sale of 1,000 plates. Where projected licence plate sales may be less, the requesting organization may be required to cover additional costs.

Customers can purchase a set of specialty licence plates (front and rear) for $70. A portion of the specialty plate sales will be returned to the respective organization.

For additional information about our Specialty Licence Plate Program, please contact us at