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Fees for the Manitoba EDL or EIC are as follows:

For drivers: $30 (in addition to regular driver's licence fees)

For non-drivers: $50

Any Manitoba driver who holds an EIC may choose to trade it in for an EDL at no additional cost on a one-time only basis as part of their first driver’s licence renewal after January 10, 2010.

If you are 65 and over, you can choose to surrender your EDL and obtain an EIC at no charge.

These fees are non-refundable, even for cases when Manitoba Public Insurance refuses to issue a card or when the card is suspended or cancelled.

Renewals: The cost to renew your EDL or EIC will be the same as the original fee — $30 for drivers (in addition to regular driver’s licence fees) and $50 for non-drivers.

Replacement of lost or stolen cards: No replacement charge for a stolen card with a police report. Otherwise, a $15 replacement fee will apply to lost or stolen cards with no police report.

Replacement for address or name change: A $15 replacement fee will also apply for name or address changes that have to be made to a person’s EDL or EIC.

The information found here is subject to change. If there are any differences between the information found on this website and the EDL and EIC Applicant’s Guide, the EDL and EIC Applicant's Guide will be followed.