Driver Licensing

Establishing your identity when applying for a Manitoba Driver’s Licence

The first time you apply for a Manitoba driver’s licence, you will be asked to show documents that prove your identity.

This requirement under Manitoba law is aligned with North American standards. Verifying identity before we issue a driver’s licence helps to protect all Manitobans from identity theft. It also ensures that Manitoba driver’s licences are issued only to those who are in our country legally, whether as citizens or visitors.

To prove your identity, you will need supporting documents that establish these key elements:

  • Birth date
  • Full legal name*
  • Photograph
  • Manitoba residence and permanent address**
  • Entitlement to be in Canada

* If your surname differs from the surname on your birth certificate, a second document such as a Marriage Certificate or Certificate of Change of Name is required.

** Two supporting documents are required to prove you reside in Manitoba. Rural customers must provide at least one document containing their physical address. If rural customers do not have two supporting documents containing their physical address, the second document can contain their mailing address. Any supporting address document must be dated within 90 days of the date of application.

Note: For an Enhanced Driver’s Licence, identity requirements also include your signature and proof of Canadian citizenship.

Acceptable supporting documents

You can use a wide range of acceptable documents to prove each part of your identity. If you don’t have an acceptable document with your signature, photograph or address on it, Manitoba Public Insurance may accept a completed Guarantor Declaration instead. Some restrictions apply so please read the form carefully.