Driver Licensing

Acceptable Identification Documents

You can use a wide range of documents to prove each part of your identity when applying for a Manitoba Driver's Licence. Each document must be from an authority such as a federal government, province or federal agency. They must also be originals — not photocopies. Electronic scans of these documents will be retained on file, in keeping with Canadian standards.

If you don’t have an acceptable document with your photograph, signature or address, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles may accept a completed Guarantor Declaration instead.

Please note that two supporting documents are required to prove you reside in Manitoba. Rural customers must provide at least one document containing their physical address. If rural customers do not have two supporting documents containing their physical address, the second document can contain their mailing address. Any supporting address document must be dated within 90 days of the date of application.

A detailed list of acceptable identification documents is available.