Driver Licensing

Driver Safety Rating: Better value for safe drivers

Our mission at Manitoba Public Insurance is to reduce risk on the road. One of the ways we encourage safe driving is through the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) system, which recognizes safe driving behaviour in a fair and simple way.

Your position on the DSR scale, which has 36 levels, depends on your driving record. Driving safely moves you up the scale, which saves you money– up to 33 per cent savings on vehicle premiums and up to an additional $30 savings on driver's licence premiums. The highest-risk drivers pay up to $3,000 for their driver's licence premium.

Want to know your DSR? Try our Driver Safety Rating Calculator. It only takes a few minutes to see how your driving behaviour can affect the premiums you pay.

Unsafe driving costs more

The table below shows you how much you pay for your driver's licence premium and what your vehicle premium discount is when you're on different positions on the DSR scale.