Can I drive my written-off vehicle if I decide to keep it?

It depends. If your vehicle was deemed salvageable, then it can be placed back on the road after detailed inspections and repairs to make it roadworthy. If your vehicle is deemed irreparable, then it can never be put back on the road.

  • Salvageable write-offs have collision damage or structural damage or both. They can be made roadworthy again with the proper repairs and inspections. Depending on the extent of damage, this can be very expensive. After being rebuilt, the vehicle must receive both a Body Integrity Inspection Certificate and Certificate of Inspection.
  • Irreparable write-offs can't be put back on the road because they are considered wrecked beyond safe repair.

If your vehicle has damage from something other than a collision that only affects its appearance you won't have to do anything special to keep driving it.

The salvageable and irreparable categories are part of the Stolen and Wrecked Vehicle Monitoring Program, which tracks unsafe write-offs and prevents their registration.