Direct Repair

Direct Repair enables customers with qualifying claims to receive a damage estimate at a participating repair shop, instead of at an MPI Service or Claim Centre.

Not all claims qualify for Direct Repair. Your estimate options will be discussed with you when you report your claim.

Direct Repair will streamline the repair process and provide time savings. It is an optional program – if your claim qualifies, it is up to you to decide if you want to have your estimate conducted at a participating repair shop or at an MPI centre. However you decide, you must receive an estimate before repair work can begin on your vehicle.

Not all repair shops participate in Direct Repair. Only participating Direct Repair shops can conduct the estimate of damage to your vehicle. However, any accredited shop that is qualified to work on your make, model and year of vehicle can repair your damage.

If you participate in Direct Repair:

  • Select a shop online using the Find an Accredited Repair Shop search tool. You will need your claim number.
  • Call the shop to set up an appointment for an estimate. Let them know you are participating in Direct Repair and provide them with your claim number and licence plate number.

If you change your mind about participating in Direct Repair, call us.

  • If you originally did not want to participate and now want an estimate at a participating shop, we’ll need to update your claim before you can proceed.
  • If you stated you did want to participate and now want to visit a Service or Claim Centre instead, we’ll book you an appointment for your estimate.

In addition to locating Direct Repair shops for qualifying claims, the search tool can also be used for all claims to find an accredited repair shop that is qualified to repair your specific vehicle. It is important to take your vehicle to an MPI accredited shop for repair. Accredited shops meet repair standards and have the right tooling, equipment and training to complete proper and safe repairs.