Disagreements over Collision Repairs or Settlement Amounts

If your vehicle is damaged after an accident, our goal is to return it to its pre-accident condition.

So, if your car is 5 years old and it needs a new fender after a collision, we'll try to find a recycled fender from a vehicle that's the same model and year as yours. When parts must be replaced, the options range from using recycled parts to brand new factory-manufactured parts. Which option we choose depends on the age and condition of your vehicle.

Sometimes claimants disagree with our assessment on how much should be repaired, or what should be repaired on their vehicles. There can also be differences between what you think your vehicle is worth, and what we value it at, if the vehicle is deemed a write-off.

If you disagree with our repair or settlement decisions, you have a couple of options.

The first step is to talk things over with one of the claim supervisors - either the estimating supervisor for disagreements over repairs, or your adjuster's supervisor for disagreements over vehicle value. In many cases, the issue can be worked out once both parties fully understand where the other's concerns lie.

If we can't work it out, your case is then placed in the hands of two independent representatives, one representing you and one representing your adjuster. The two representatives then decide what the repairs or the settlement should be. At Manitoba Public Insurance, we call this procedure an independent appraisal process.