About Us

Who We Are

Manitoba Public Insurance is a Crown corporation that has provided basic, compulsory automobile insurance coverage (called Autopac) to Manitoba motorists since 1971.

Our services are available through claim centres and service centres in 12 communities across Manitoba. Driver and vehicle licensing and insurance services are provided by more than 300 Autopac brokers province-wide.

Autopac extension, competing for your business on optional coverages, provides supplementary protection to the basic Autopac package. The optional coverage includes increased third party liability limits, reduced deductibles, Excess Value Coverage and Extension Loss of Use coverage, to name a few.

Our Special Risk Extension (SRE) department, also operating in the competitive market, provides optional coverage for specialized risks. These include coverage for large commercial trucking fleets and garage policies.

We're a large company, but we're accountable to you every step of the way. This accountability, ensuring we operate within strict guidelines and legislation to protect your interests, requires us to report to the:

We aim to combine excellent coverage with exceptional service as part of our mandate to ensure all Manitobans have access to automobile insurance at affordable rates. We promote road safety to help keep traffic accidents and insurance costs down. And, if you're in an accident, we provide fast and fair claims handling.

We're proud our insurance rates are consistently among the lowest in Canada, and that most of your premium dollars are invested right here in Manitoba. We're active members and supporters of the community. We live here too and, just like you, we want Manitoba to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

To ensure we provide you with the quality of service you need, we have Customer Service Standards with the following objectives:

  1. To treat customers with respect and courtesy.
  1. To treat all customers in a manner which is, and is perceived to be, fair and consistent.
  1. To provide products and services that are responsive to our customers.
  1. To provide our customers with complete information to make informed choices.
  1. To provide our customers with complete entitlement to benefits and services.

Since 2000, we have used these standards to help us deliver superior customer service. We have millions of interactions with Manitobans each year, and the standards assure us that most customers are very satisfied with their experience. They also signal when we need to take additional measures to maintain these standards.

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