About Us

Our Values

Our Corporate Values govern the way in which we conduct ourselves. In essence they represent the behaviours that we expect all our people to exhibit as they conduct the work of the Corporation.

At Manitoba Public Insurance we value...

Our Customers

Our customers’ interests are at the heart of everything we do. We balance the individual customer’s needs with the needs of Manitobans as a whole. We base our relationships on respect, fairness, honesty and integrity. We safeguard the confidentiality of information and personal privacy. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and excellence in service.

Our People

Our people are given the training, tools and encouragement they need to succeed. We provide a respectful, inclusive and safe environment where our staff is skilled, confident and committed to the Corporate Mission. We provide our people with clear and consistent direction. Our people have the authority they need to do their jobs, providing a sense of achievement from their work, and the opportunity for career growth and advancement. We encourage and support our people to make a positive contribution, both inside and outside the workplace.

Working Together

We work co-operatively with each other and with our business associates, sharing expertise, ideas and resources. Each of us, in our daily work, creates a team environment, drawing on one another to do the best job possible. Our communication with one another is respectful, appropriate and helpful.

Financial Responsibility

Manitoba Public Insurance holds the funds of its policyholders in trust to meet their needs into the future. We operate in a fiscally responsible and cost-effective manner, using investment income to reduce rates and provide long-term benefits to Manitobans.

Excellence and Improvement

We constantly improve our products, services and procedures. As our customers’ needs and the business environment continue to change, so must we. We value initiative, creativity and a strong desire for personal, team and corporate success in everything we do. We recognize and reward excellence and improvement in our work.

Our Corporate Citizenship

We lead by example, conducting our affairs responsibly and professionally. We contribute to the social and economic well-being of our communities as well as the sustainable development of Manitoba now and into the future.

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