Drivers encouraged to stay safe this Labour Day weekend: Manitoba Public Insurance

On average, more than 800 collisions are reported on public roadways over the four-day September long weekend, according to Manitoba Public Insurance data.

With these disturbing statistics, Manitoba Public Insurance is calling on all road users to do their part in making this coming September long weekend safe and collision free.

“Everyone wants to enjoy the wonderful weather and time with family and friends before kids head back to school and the seasons change, but the September long weekend has proven to be a dangerous time for everyone on the road,” said Ward Keith, vice-president, Business Development & Communications, Manitoba Public Insurance.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility which means that every road user must do their part to keep themselves and each other safe. Driving to road, weather and traffic conditions, and making safe decisions behind the wheel will ensure that every single Manitoban gets to their destinations safely this weekend,” added Keith.

In this unofficial last weekend of summer, check these driving tips off your bucket list to ensure a fun – and safe – holiday for everyone:

  • Don’t text and drive. It’s against the law and attracts five demerits on the Driver Safety Rating scale. Put away the smart phone and focus on the task of driving.
  • Don’t drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol. Driving drunk or high slows reaction time and continues to be a major contributor to fatal collisions in Manitoba. It’s also a Criminal offence that can result in severe penalties including jail time.
  • Don’t speed. Speeding at-fault drivers are responsible for deaths of 19 people each year and injure more than 700 others. Speeding also includes driving too fast for conditions so slow down at night, in bad weather, or if traffic volumes are high.
  • Buckle up. No matter where you are sitting in a vehicle or how long or short your trip is. People not using their seatbelts are 26 times more likely to be killed and two times more likely to be seriously injured in a collision than people using their seatbelt.
  • Slow down in construction zones. Watch for signs as the speed limit will be lower in a construction zone. Follow directions. The flag person helps control the flow of traffic. Follow their directions, including slowing down or stopping. Remember roadside workers have a right to get home safely too.
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