Cyber criminals posing as insurance agents: Manitoba Public Insurance

Manitoba Public Insurance has learned that cyber criminals are now targeting the insurance industry, including principal companies and their customers. The attacks can come in the form of a phone call to a customer (requesting payment), or phishing emails to companies with subjects that relate to denial of claims, delays in payments and the like.

If you’re a customer you should do the following:

  • If you are not expecting a call back from your Autopac agent, do not engage in any conversation or share financial information. End the call. Immediately notify your Autopac agent.
  • If you were expecting a call back from your Autopac agent, take every precaution to verify with whom you are speaking as well as specific details from the Autopac agent about the ongoing transaction(s). If there is any doubt as to who is calling, do not share any financial information. End the conversation and call your Autopac agent.
  • Do not click on to any links which are requesting financial information. Such fraudulent tactics are known as malware or phishing attacks. Immediately contact your Autopac agent.

While many of the fraudulent calls display a legitimate business name, these calls are not originating from an Autopac agent or its parent company.

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