Customer survey not legitimate: Manitoba Public Insurance

Manitoba Public Insurance is warning its customers not to respond to a customer survey they may view in a pop-up window within their Internet browser.

“This is an adware-generated survey and has no association with our company,” said MaryAnn Kempe, Vice-President, Business Development, Communications & Chief Product Officer, Manitoba Public Insurance.

“We became aware of this advertisement after being contacted by people who have viewed the pop-up in their browser. Customers should not respond to this survey. Nor should they ever share personal information. The Corporation does conduct customer-satisfaction polling, but such surveys are not conducted via email.”

The survey encourages people to complete the survey with a promise of a gift worth more than $50 and is intended to generate traffic and sales leads for dubious sites.

“Having this pop-up appear on your computer may indicate that malicious code has been installed and you should seek the assistance of a technical expert to assist in its removal,” said Kempe.

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