CAA Manitoba providing memberships to Manitoba Public Insurance Driver Education Program graduates

Note: This offer expired July 31, 2018.

CAA Manitoba and Manitoba Public Insurance announced today that CAA will give free one-year memberships to graduates of the High School Driver Education program, administered by the Crown public insurer.

Beginning today, every student who successfully completes all phases of the program can enrol online for a new category of membership created especially for graduates. It includes one emergency road service call with a tow of up to 160 kilometres, plus all the exclusive CAA Rewards partner savings, travel discounts and other perks of a CAA Classic membership.

“Graduating from the High School Driver Education program is the best way for young drivers to learn safe driving habits,” said Mike Mager, President of CAA Manitoba. “Better trained drivers means safer roads for everyone. That’s why we’re honoured to provide this incentive to help encourage students to complete the program.”

Mager said the first step to driving safely is being prepared. With a CAA Manitoba membership, novice drivers and their parents can feel protected with the peace-of-mind that they’re covered if a problem occurs, so they can focus on the road rather than worrying about what do in the event of a stall or flat tire.

Ward Keith, Vice-President, Business Development & Communications, and Chief Administrative Officer, Manitoba Public Insurance believes the CAA membership is a perfect graduation reward for students.

“The purpose of the driver education program is to teach and instill good driving habits early on, and this roadside assistance offer truly complements the skills students learn in class and behind the wheel,” Keith said. “Manitoba Public Insurance is proud to partner with CAA Manitoba on this initiative that demonstrates how road safety partners can work together creatively to make our roads safer for everyone.”

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